Covering 4/20? Our experts can help you see through the smoke | Media Advisory

Covering 4/20? Our experts can help you see through the smoke | Media Advisory

April 19, 20242 min read

As 4/20 approaches, the spotlight once again turns to the evolving landscape of marijuana legalization and its broader societal impacts. This annual observance not only marks a cultural moment for cannabis enthusiasts but also prompts discussions about the legal, economic, and public health implications of marijuana use in the United States. Here are key story angles for journalists to explore:

  • Legalization efforts and state-by-state updates: Tracking the progress of marijuana legalization initiatives across the country and analyzing the legal frameworks governing recreational and medicinal cannabis use.
  • Economic opportunities and challenges: Investigating the economic impact of the cannabis industry, including job creation, tax revenue generation, and business opportunities, as well as regulatory hurdles and market fluctuations.
  • Social justice and equity in cannabis legalization: Examining efforts to address historical inequities in drug enforcement and incarceration through policies such as expungement, social equity programs, and community reinvestment.
  • Public health and safety considerations: Assessing the health effects of marijuana use, the regulation of cannabis products, and efforts to mitigate potential risks such as underage consumption and impaired driving.
  • Cannabis culture and mainstream acceptance: Exploring the evolving perceptions of marijuana in society, including trends in consumption habits, cannabis tourism, and its portrayal in media and popular culture.
  • International perspectives on marijuana policy: Comparing approaches to marijuana legalization and regulation in other countries and evaluating lessons learned for U.S. policymakers and stakeholders.

Connect with an Expert about Marijuana in America:

For journalists with questions or looking to cover the streaming wars? here is a select list of experts.

To search our full list of experts visit

Robert Mikos

Professor of Law · Vanderbilt University

Michael Ostrowsky

Professor of Sociology · Southern Utah University

Jennifer Whitehill

Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management · University of Massachusetts


Daniele Piomelli

Distinguished Professor · UC Irvine

Almut Winterstein

Distinguished Professor · University of Florida

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