Covering Earth Day - Our Experts can Help | Media Advisory

Covering Earth Day - Our Experts can Help | Media Advisory

April 22, 20241 min read

As we commemorate Earth Day, the urgency to address environmental challenges and foster sustainable practices has never been more critical. Earth Day serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

This event matters to the public because it highlights the interconnectedness of environmental issues with our daily lives and underscores the importance of taking action. Here are several sub-topics that could be of interest to a broad audience:

  • Climate change mitigation efforts and their impact on local communities
  • Innovative technologies and initiatives for renewable energy sources
  • Conservation efforts to protect endangered species and habitats
  • Sustainable practices in agriculture and food production
  • The role of businesses and corporations in promoting environmental sustainability
  • Government policies and regulations aimed at addressing environmental challenges

Connect with an Expert about Earth Day:

For journalists with questions or looking to cover the streaming wars, here is a select list of experts.

Bryan W. Brooks, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Environmental Science and Biomedical Studies; Director of Environmental Health Science · Baylor University

Jase Bernhardt

Associate Professor of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability · Hofstra University

Saleem Ali

Professor of Energy and the Environment Geography and Spatial Sciences; Biden School of Public Policy and Administration · University of Delaware

Francis Galgano, PhD

Associate Professor, Geography and the Environment | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences · Villanova University

To search our full list of experts visit

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