MEDIA RELEASE: CAA urges drivers to prepare for extreme cold

MEDIA RELEASE: CAA urges drivers to prepare for extreme cold MEDIA RELEASE: CAA urges drivers to prepare for extreme cold


CAA South Central Ontario is predicting a high volume of car battery failures on Monday as temperatures are expected to dip into the negative double digits.      CAA has seen a 25 per cent increase in battery-related calls in the last two years.

With weather forecasters predicting that Sunday night will be the coldest yet of the season, the demand for battery service is expected to jump significantly. “Our top priority is always focused on keeping our members safe,” said Kaitlynn Furse, public relations manager, CAA SCO. “Extreme cold can wreak havoc on cars and shorten the lifespan of your car battery, but more importantly, it increases the risk of being stranded. We are encouraging members to take the cold weather seriously and plan ahead to stay safe before heading out on the road.”

Drivers with a battery older than three years are encouraged to get it checked over the weekend to avoid unexpected battery failure. CAA does not recommend boosting your battery yourself. Incorrect boost procedures may cause damaging current spikes or surges to your vehicle’s electrical systems.

As the snow falls this weekend, drivers are also reminded to top up their fluids, ensure their tires are inflated to the manufacturer specified pressure, keep gas at least half full, and stock emergency kits with extra warm clothing and outerwear.

If drivers do find themselves stranded during the cold weather, it is important to be prepared by following these tips:

        • Note the location of your vehicle.

        • Assess your vehicle's operating problem if it is safe to do so.

        • Make your vehicle visible by turning on hazard lights.

        • Know your rights and responsibilities.

        • If you choose to exit your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings and stay

           away from oncoming traffic.

        • If you choose to stay in your vehicle, keep the windows and doors locked, and

           the car turned off.

When waiting for service, we ask our members to please be patient, and to be prepared for higher than normal call volumes and longer than normal wait times due to the harsh winter weather.

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