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Credit Union Central of Canada

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Credit Union Central of Canada (Canadian Central) is the national trade association for the Canadian credit union system. Incorporated, in 1953, by a special act of Parliament, and regulated under the Cooperative Credit Associations Act (Canada), Canadian Central provides a National Forum, a National Voice and National Services to support and expand the Canadian credit union system. Canadian Central’s board is comprised of ten directors, appointed by five Central member-shareholders. A focused committee structure, encompassing Finance, Legislative Affairs, Risk Management, and Lending supports Canadian Central’s role as an active and effective trade association. In support of national initiatives, and to facilitate knowledge transfer, committee members from the provincial/regional Centrals and individual credit unions work on committee activities to further the aims of the system overall. Canadian Central employs 50 staff members who deliver trade association services from offices in Toronto and Ottawa. The Ottawa team is focused on increasing our policy and advocacy activities and our influence in the area of Federal Government relations. The Toronto office is also home to CUSOURCE® Credit Union Knowledge Network, the national learning and development facility for the credit union system.




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Experts (3)

Stephen Fitzpatrick

Stephen Fitzpatrick

Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Experienced finance professional in the Canadian financial services industry

Credit Unions Policy Finance Accounting Lending Advocacy Payments Strategy Risk Management

Brenda O'Connor

Brenda O'Connor

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Experienced Canadian financial services leader

Credit Unions Policy Finance Lending Advocacy Compliance Governance Privacy Regulatory Trademarks

Marc-Andre Pigeon

Marc-Andre Pigeon

Director, Financial Sector Policy

Experienced financial services professional, researcher, and credit union advocate

Credit Unions Policy Finance Advocacy Research Economics Communications Financial Literacy Co-Operative Paradigms and Performance Indicators Governance

Industry Experience (8)

  • Banking
  • Consumer Services
  • Education/Learning
  • Financial Services
  • Government Relations
  • Program Development
  • Public Policy
  • Training and Development