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The VCU College of Engineering, an innovation front-runner in academics and research, brings real-world education to Central Virginia. Our collaborative and multidisciplinary partnerships prepare undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students for leadership. Part of a premier research university, the VCU College of Engineering enhances regional and global prosperity through cutting-edge developments in tissue engineering, drug delivery, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, mechanical systems and particle science. We make it real by turning great ideas into breakthrough technologies. Our facilities are hubs of discovery, powered by an expanding student body and faculty committed to excellence.



Experts (131)

Saeed Ahmad, Ph.D.

Saeed Ahmad, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering

Dr. Ahmad specializes in the development of using small molecules, peptides and proteins

Research and development using small molecules peptides and proteins Process development of new and existing active pharmaceutical ingredients Development of efficient and cost effective processes using continuous synthesis and flow chemistry.

Tomasz  Arodz, Ph.D.

Tomasz Arodz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director

Dr. Arodz's research focuses on machine learning and bioinformatics

Machine Learning: Nonlinear Classification Methods That Incorporate Existing Knowledge Into Training Systems Biology: Integration of Prior Biological Knowledge and Multiple Sources of Data for Pathway Discovery Computational Biology: Analysis of Role of Protein Mutations in Evolution and Disease Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in Biomedicine Protein Evolution Complex Biological Networks Bioinformatics

Gary M.  Atkinson, Ph.D.

Gary M. Atkinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Atkinson specializes in microelectromechanical systems

Microelectromechanical Systems Biochip Smart materials Micro and Nanofabrication Energy Conversion Devices Sensors Actuators and Transducers

Jayasimha Atulasimha, Ph.D.

Jayasimha Atulasimha, Ph.D.

Qimonda Professor, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Professor Atulasimha researches multiferroic nanomagnets logic and memory

Multiferroic nanomagnets logic and memory Magnetostrictive spintronic nanowire strain sensor Nonlinear magnetostrictive piezoelectric magnetoelectric response Fabrication of MEMS devices Hybrid spintronics-straintronics for ultralow power memory logic and higher order information processing Nanomagnetism: Nanoscale magnetization dynamics Spintronics: Spin transport and manipulation in nanowires

Vitaliy Avrutin, Ph.D.

Vitaliy Avrutin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Avrutin specializes in the growth and characterization of oxide materials (ZnO, perovskite oxides)

III-Nitride expitaxial structures for light emitters and high-power devices including semipolar and nonpolar material on silicon and sapphire substrates

Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D.

Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D.

Commonwealth Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Bandyopadhyay has authored and co-authored nearly 400 research publications

Self-assembly of Regimented Nanostructure Arrays Spintronics Quantum Devices Hot Carrier Transport in Nanostructures Nanoelectronics Quantum Computing Nanomagnetism Computing Paradigms Optical Properties of Nanostructures Coherent spin transport in Nanowires for Sensing and Information Processing Nanowire-based Room Temperature Infrared Detectors

Lewis Franklin Bost, MBA, IDSA, FAIMBE

Lewis Franklin Bost, MBA, IDSA, FAIMBE

Executive Associate Dean for Innovation and Outreach, Director of the VCU Institute for Engineering and Medicine, Faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Professor Bost's research focuses on innovation, device design and development processes

Innovation Device Design Development Processes Entrepreneurial Business Strategy Commercialization FDA Quality System Regulations ISO Medical Device Standards

Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.

Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.

Alice T. and William H. Goodwin Jr. Dean, College of Engineering

Dean Boyan specializes in cell and tissue engineering

Cell and Tissue Engineering Response of Cells to Biomaterials Mechanisms of Action of Hormones and Growth Factors in Cartilage and Bone Normal and Pathological Calcification Stem Cell Delivery Technologies

Eyuphan Bulut, Ph.D.

Eyuphan Bulut, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Professor Bulut's research interests include wireless networks and mobile computing, cyber-physical systems, and social networks

Mobile Computing: Wireless Networks Cyber-physical Systems Mobile Social Networks Wireless Charging Security: Cyber Security Network Security Privacy and Trust Mobile (3G/4G) Systems: Mobile Packet Core Cloud Mobile Data Offloading Big Data: Internet of Things (IoT) Crowd-sensing Mobile Data Mining and Supervised Learning

Michael J. Cabral, Ph.D.

Michael J. Cabral, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Cabral specializes in engineering education and nanofabrication techniques

Engineering Education Nanofabrication Techniques Molecular Electronics

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