2019's Hottest Content Marketing Trend

2019's Hottest Content Marketing Trend

November 26, 20182 min read

Content marketing has taken over the digital landscape and quickly become the strategy of choice for boosting online engagement. While many organizations want skin in the game, incremental tweaks to existing marketing plans will no longer deliver big returns. Over the past 18 months, audience behaviour has evolved and we need to make sure that we’re keeping up. 

Expertise Marketing is the next evolution of content marketing. Leveraging untapped expertise within your organization, it builds value by mobilizing the hidden people, knowledge and content you already have at your fingertips. This win-win solution not only gives audiences better quality content, but it also lets organizations show off their smarts. As the hottest content marketing trend of 2019, Expertise Marketing drives exponential return by:                       

  1. Promoting the content generated by internal experts in the manner that’s easily found by both search engines and media partners.
  2. Transforming invisible expert content that is already in your organization into lead-generating material.
  3. Using best-in-class content to nurture conversations and connections with audiences such as media, customers, partners, government and funding agencies.

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Expertise Marketing: The Next Wave in Digital Strategy

On top of these attributes, Expertise Marketing can be easily deployed in weeks and improvements to ROI metrics can be seen almost instantly. Download our white-paper to learn more and step into this new world of opportunity and performance.   

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Expertise Marketing: The Next Wave in Digital Strategy

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ExpertFile is the world’s first Expertise Marketing Platform that helps organizations solve the challenge of creating, managing and amplifying expert content.  Our software platform and services help you showcase your people and their insights to the audiences that matter across a range of channels including distribution through the Associated Press to over 15,000 newsrooms.   Learn more about ExpertFile.

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