Top 9 ROI Metrics for Expertise Marketing

Top 9 ROI Metrics for Expertise Marketing

November 28, 20182 min read

When it comes to digital marketing, organizations are looking for data-driven solutions that are proven to support their bottom line. Here are 9 families of quantitative and qualitative metrics that will help you measure and track the success of your organization’s Expertise Marketing.

(Taken from Chapter 5 of Expertise Marketing Whitepaper: Next Wave in Digital Strategy)


Move Brand Metrics - Position research, client work, thought leadership perspectives and achievements in the context of relevant topics in the news.


Move Search Metrics Boost search-engine rankings and increase overall breath of search results.


Grow Inbound Leads Increase the number of direct lead inquiries from the following audiences:

Customers |  Students |  Patients  |  Donors  |  Patients  |  Media  |   Recruits  | Conferences  | Partners  |  Alumni  | & More...


Drive Engagement Metrics -  A single familiar digital touchpoint provides access to all content marketing assets and encourages enhanced content browsing.

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Boost People Performance -   Better engage stakeholders, researchers & subject-matter experts in the development and distribution of content.


Improve Teamwork & Internal Efficiency - Better coordinate the knowledge and resources across internal communications teams and other departments as they engage experts.  Provide a faster, more efficient way to generate content for breaking news and events.


Expand Reach - Increase the size of the organization’s digital footprint by aggregating more content and distributing it contextually to multiple websites and third-party databases.


Deliver More with Less - Help employees get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. Enable them to find information faster, speed up internal processes and foster collaboration among people in multiple locations.


Extract More Value From Existing Investments - Properly integrated, new technology investments should integrate seamlessly to leverage existing/proposed infrastructure such as content management systems (CMS).

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