Next Level Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Next Level Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

November 29, 20182 min read

We are entering an era of elevated thought leadership.

Thought Leadership often focuses on a select few in an organization and misses opportunities to showcase everything your organization has to offer. It’s rarely scalable, often expensive and almost always wagers on a small pool of topics in any given quarter. The fact is that you have more expertise operating behind the scenes than you’re showing off.

Enter Expertise Marketing, the next generation of content marketing.  Opening up a world of new opportunities, here is how Expertise Marketing stacks up against more traditional thought leadership programs.  


Inclusive vs Exclusive

Expertise Marketing is designed to engage a diverse set of experts throughout the organization. It focuses on broader coverage of relevant topics that engage a wider variety of audiences and expand your opportunities for valuable connections.  Thought Leadership programs tends to focus on fewer select experts. Often designed as a bespoke program aimed at involving only senior executives.


Sustained vs Campaign Focussed

Expertise Marketing creates a sustained digital presence that leverages the content that experts are producing across the organization and distributes it across a range of channels. Most Thought Leadership programs tend to align with a specific event (such as a product launch, industry conference or social cause) that maps to a defined budget and timeframe.


Agile vs Controlled

The agile nature of good Expertise Marketing provides the ability to quickly mobilize experts to position their expertise in the context of breaking news to create higher engagement with audiences such as the media.  This compares to the more controlled approach of a traditional Though Leadership programs that requires careful planning to ensure alignment with corporate strategy and messaging - often missing time-sensitive opportunities.


Low vs High

Expertise Marketing can efficiently leverage client or agency resources and services through technology versus Thought Leadership programs that are often structured as long-term projects that require specialized resources in agencies. 

Take the steps to transform your content marketing overnight. Download the Expertise Marketing whitepaper or talk to us about how you can evolve quicker and generate a new competitive edge.   

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For a comprehensive look at how expertise marketing benefits the entire organization and drives measurable return on investment, follow the link below to download an industry-focussed copy of ExpertFile’s Complete Guide to Expertise Marketing: The Next Wave in Digital Strategy.

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