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Fair Observer is a multimedia, multidisciplinary, multinational platform that provides analysis of issues, events, and trends of global significance. Every day, issues covered in Fair Observer include political news, finance, economics, business, entrepreneurship, science, technology, law, society, health, environment, sustainability, arts and culture. Fair Observer brings clarity to the complex and dynamic world we live in. Our aim is to provide a platform for voices from different disciplines, various philosophies and many parts of the world. In sum, our goal is to give you a 360° view of the world, with a plurality of perspectives, with diversity and debate, and with the story behind the story. We want you to make sense of the world. We focus on analysis and not news – why is something happening and not what is happening is the question that we seek to answer. We have a fast-growing community of more than 300 contributors from over 30 countries who have published articles, presentations, photo features and cartoons on our website. In addition, Fair Observer has eminent advisers from across the world, including former heads of state. Imagine you could discover not what we have to say about the world but what the world has to say about itself. Imagine you could find out about the US Presidential elections or the Arab Uprising from fair observers around the world, located both inside and outside the eye of the storm. That’s us! We are a truly global media company for the interconnected 21st century. You can join us in a quest to make sense of the world. Become a Fair Observer and share your perspectives, narratives, and insights with a thoughtful and inspiring global community.




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Experts (9)

Gunnar Beck

Reader / Lecturer in EU Law and Legal Theory, SOAS, University of London

Gunning for the best in international law and human rights analysis? Look no further than Fair Observer's scholar on EU law and government

EU Law European Human Rights Law and Legal Processes EU Environmental Law EU Citizenship Law

Christian R. Becker

Christian R. Becker

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

When the disease is an out of touch mainstream media, the cure is a daily prescription of news & analysis from the team at Fair Observer

Entrepreneurship Healthcare Innovations Business Development Start-Ups Healthcare Public Policy

Fabian Nuen

Fabian Nuen

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

The Gardner of News: Fair Observer's CEO cuts through the global media landscape to ensure that a broad range of narratives are represented

New Venture Development Global Partnerships Global Business Development Global Finance Policy Analysis International Business Entrepreneurship & Leadership European Politics and Culture

Ivo Oliveira

Munich Team Leader and Arts & Culture Editor

Fair Observer's Arts & Culture Editor ensures that explorations of human creativity provide thoughtful analysis into the heart of our world

News Writing Western Europe Philosophy Arts & Culture

Zach Paikin

Zach Paikin

Canada Editor

From the Great White North: Survey the landscape of Canadian politics and international affais analysis with Fair Observer's Canadian Editor

Canadian Politics Public Policy Middle East Politics

Xiao Qiao

Economics Editor

Fair Observer's Economics Editor turns the dismal science into must-read content through an informative & engaging perspective on the issues

Chinese Economics International Finance Macroeconomics Public Policy in China Chinese Real Estate Market

Atul Singh

Atul Singh

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Trying to make sense of it all? Fair Observer's Editor-in-Chief can provide your audience with insights on issues of global significance

World Economy & International Business News & Digital Media Entrepreneurship & Leadership U.S. European & Indian Politics and Foreign Policy Global Geopolitics

Lieutenant General P K Singh, PVSM, AVSM, (Retd)

Lieutenant General P K Singh, PVSM, AVSM, (Retd)

Director of United Service Institution of India

You'll feel like saluting after becoming absorbed in Fair Observer's unique analysis of international relations and Indian politics

Politics in India Dealing With Crises in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Military Perspectives Afghanistan - Pakistan Relations International Relations Peacekeeping

Leonardo Vivas

Leonardo Vivas

Director - LATAM Initiative, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

A Fair Observer: Latin American politics, culture & human rights are research interests for Harvard University's Director, LATAM Initiative

Latin America Freedom of Expression in Latin America Journalism and the Media in Latin America The Future of Information in Latin America New Media in Latin America Latin American Politics

Industry Experience (10)

  • Government Administration
  • Government Relations
  • International Affairs
  • International Trade and Development
  • Media - Online
  • Media Production
  • Public Policy
  • Publishing
  • Think Tanks
  • Writing and Editing