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The Conference Board of Canada is the foremost independent, not-for-profit applied research organization in Canada. The organization is funded exclusively through the fees we charge for services to the private and public sectors. As a result, we are objective, non-partisan, and do not lobby for specific interests. Even though the organization is not a government department or agency, we are often hired to provide services for all levels of government.

Employees of The Conference Board of Canada are experts in running conferences, as well as conducting, publishing, and disseminating research; helping people network; developing individual leadership skills; and building organizational capacity. More specifically, we are specialists in economic trends, as well as organizational performance and public policy issues.

Every year The Conference Board of Canada hosts over 250 meetings, produces hundreds of research documents, answers over 4,500 information requests and holds more than 80 leadership programs.

Since 1954, The Conference Board of Canada has provided senior decision makers from public and private-sector organizations with opportunities to share ideas on operations and strategies, learn about next and best practices, and explore practical business solutions to the challenges faced by Canadian business leaders. Our focus is on:

- Learning from best practice organizations and industry experts
- Sharing practical business experiences and solutions
- Networking and interacting with peers, colleagues and thought leaders

The Conference Board of Canada is independent from, but affiliated with, The Conference Board, Inc. of New York, which serves nearly 2,000 companies in 60 nations and has offices in Brussels and Hong Kong.

The guiding mission of the organization involves building leadership capacity for a better Canada by creating and sharing insights on economic trends, public policy and organizational performance.



Experts (9)

David Stewart-Patterson

David Stewart-Patterson

Vice-President, Public Policy

No dragon in this den! Combining policy analysis & advocacy, the CBoC's VP of Public Policy enthusiastically supports young entrepreneurs

Public Policy

Paul Darby

Paul Darby

Deputy Chief Economist

The Human Abacus! The Conference Board of Canada's Chef De Mission for economic modelling & forecasting comes with jargon-free content

Economic Analysis and Forecasting Economic Modelling Economics and Public Policy International Economics

Mario Lefebvre

Mario Lefebvre

Director, Centre for Municipal Studies

City Hall 101: Find out what the latest research indicates as it relates to the economic and financial state of North American cities

The Economics of Cities Economic Analysis Centre for Municipal Studies

Anja Jeffrey

Anja Jeffrey

Director, Centre for the North – The Conference Board of Canada

She knows Santa! Understanding Arctic Resources & International Relations, the CBoC's specialist in Northern issues will heat up your event

International Business Arctic Affairs International Trade and Development Strategic Planning Business Management

Pedro Antunes

Pedro Antunes

Director, National and Provincial Forecast

Bridging the divides! Bringing a wholistic perspective to national and provincial economic relations is the CBoC's forecaster & spokesperson

Fiscal Sustainability of Health Care Productivity Analysis Economic Growth & Development

Glen Hodgson

Glen Hodgson

Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist

Turning the Telescope Around: Get the bigger picture on how macroeconomics influences public policy and the financial health of your country

Economic Forecasting International Business Productivity and Innovation Economic Analysis

Karla Thorpe

Karla Thorpe

Director, Leadership and Human Resources Research

It's not always about money: Learn what it takes to not only attract and retain employees but to increase employee commitment

Labour Relations Workplace Health and Wellness Compensation and Benefits

Michael Burt

Michael Burt

Director, Industrial Economic Trends

And now, the weather: Find out which way the wind is blowing when it comes to forecasting trends in the industrial sectors of the economy

Industrial Economic Analysis Private Sector Economic Analysis

Matthew Stewart

Matthew Stewart

Principal Economist

Prolifigate spending? When it's time to put your fiscal house in order, count on a Principal Economist to steer you in the right direction

Fiscal Forecasting Economic Analysis Government Financing

Industry Experience (10)

  • Think Tanks
  • Public Policy
  • Research
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Information Services
  • Management Consulting
  • International Trade and Development
  • Government Relations
  • International Affairs
  • Government Administration