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Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Expert Content

Not all content is created equal!

Content may be king but not all content was created equal. In an ocean of click bait and fake news, ExpertFile is leading the charge for expertise marketing – a new concept that focuses on delivering high-quality content from expert sources.

Our approach will not only allow you to break through cluttered online environments, but you’ll also be able to drive better digital conversations and build trust with key audiences. The best part is everything you need to incorporate expertise marketing into your digital strategy comes in one convenient, award-winning platform.

Stay top-of-mind with your audiences.

Our unique Spotlight feature provides you with the perfect place to highlight timely and relevant content like your organization’s insights on current news or trending topics. These interactive Spotlights are mobile-ready so you quickly deliver content to your audiences on any device at any time.

Create more dynamic experiences.

Expertise marketing is more than just bios and headshots. At ExpertFile, we’ll help you take your content to the next level with integrated media like video, articles, Twitter feeds, and Instagram posts. We’ll also help you strategically place content in key areas of your website such as your homepage, “About Us” page and newsrooms.

Make your expertise more visible.

From seamless social sharing to organic SEO, we provide a robust set of tools for broadcasting your expertise across the internet and into niche platforms, media directories and social networks. And through our partnerships the Associated Press (AP) and Dejero, we’ll put your content directly in newsrooms around the world so journalists can easily find your experts.

Take control of your content.

Combining robust administrative controls with an intuitive interface, ExpertFile makes it easy to manage on your organization’s expertise marketing. Rather than adding another pesky community tool to the mix, the ExpertFile lets you focus on organizing, deploying and reporting on expert-focused content across all of your owned channels.

Collaborate across teams.

We know that digital marketing often requires support from other departments, so we’ve built the ExpertFile Platform for cross-team collaboration. From your experts to department leads, you’ll be able to easily assign tasks, track workflow and even identify who is available for inquiries and additional commentary.

Do a lot more for less.

With ExpertFile, you’ll be able to manage your expert content across multiple channels through one powerful, cost-effective solution. Plus, the ExpertFile Platform is built to work with your existing marketing tools, CRMs and CMSs – so that’s one less thing to worry about.

We’re trusted leaders in expertise marketing.