Increase revenue by promoting your expertise.

Sharing your organization’s in-house expertise builds trust with prospects and improves your lead generation.

Sales Strategies for Your Expert Content

Help your customers choose you.

When it comes to high-consideration purchases, audiences rely on a range of online sources to help them make buying decisions. From your website to Google reviews, they’re looking to better understand your products and services well before they reach out to your team.

At ExpertFile, we make sure their searches lead to your expert content and ultimately, to your sales team. Our proven approach to expertise marketing and industry-leading software will enable you to engage new audiences and generate high-quality, expert qualified, leads for your business.

Build trust with prospects.

Expertise marketing gives your audiences the confidence they need to make buying decisions. By providing detailed profiles and links expert-generated content, prospects spend more time exploring your offering while simultaneously building a sense of trust with the individuals featured across your marketing materials.

Trusted Advisor Program (TAP).

Offering free sessions with your organization’s in-house expertise delivers improvements throughout the sales process, provides new insight from buyers, improves internal collaboration and leads to better performing account based marketing (ABM) programs.
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Generate more leads.

Promoting conversations with your experts turns ‘contacts’ into sales qualified leads (SQL) more effectively than other conversion tools such as other types of content marketing or chatbots.

Improved conversion rates.

Leads identified through conversations with your experts or subject matter experts (SMEs) consistently demonstrate higher conversion rates and greater velocity through the sales funnel.

Lower customer acquision costs.

Superior conversion rates and faster movement down the funnel translate to improved team efficiency and lower acquisition cost.

More 'whitespace' accounts.

The opportunity to speak with your experts opens up new accounts previously not penetrated by traditional sales and marketing techniques.

Seamlessly track your progress.

Your success in sales is determined by your ability to produce numbers. Not only will the ExpertFile Platform allow you to track new leads from your expertise marketing program, but can also integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs so you can stay in control of your data.

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