Extend your reach with key audiences.

Boost the visibility of your expertise, and reach a broader audience through powerful distribution channels and SEO optimized content.

The world’s largest open, curated search engine for experts.

Get your content in front of millions of people searching every day for experts. Our searchable open directory at ExpertFile.com features top experts on over 50,000+ topics.

A journalist looking for credible sources can access this searchable directory of experts in knowledge-based organizations in a curated network of experts.

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Connect Directly to Audiences through our Expert Search Engine

All the content you publish to ExpertFile is also visible on our search engine at ExpertFile.com. Leading organizations trust ExpertFile to ensure their content is visible beyond their website on additional domains. We dynamically synchronize your content across a variety of internal and third-party sites to drive visitor traffic that helps you build reputation, relationships and revenues.

Finding Experts is Easier with Integrated Elastic™ Search

Most expert content found online in places such as faculty directories isn’t well designed for search. That’s costing you connections with valuable audiences. That’s why we’ve integrated world-class Elastic™ search technology right into the core of our platform. With this technology all of your expert content is indexed and searchable using simple keywords and category filters that audiences are demanding. We’ve done all the work so no coding experience is required

Reach thousands of newsrooms and conference organizers.

Our expanding network of distribution partners and direct outreach gives your experts and their content direct access thousands of journalists and conference organizers around the world who rely on ExpertFile to find credible expertise and research for their media sources and events.

Global Newsroom Distribution

We’re a go-to online resource for thousands of the world’s top media outlets. Every day journalists, producers and bookers in both national and local outlets trust ExpertFile to help them find credible experts for their stories.

Speaking Opportunities

ExpertFile is also a popular search tool for conference organizers who are searching for speakers. webinars or podcasts.

Boost your SEO to rank higher on search engines.

Optimizing content is a proven way to rank higher for unbranded searches on Google and Bing. Our proprietary technology helps you avoid the hassle of endless Google algorithm updates - no coding skills required

Focusing on Expertise is a Proven SEO Strategy

Search engines such as Google and Bing are are increasingly looking for trusted information from experts to help counter fake news and misinformation. There’s simply no better way to boost search results than expert content. Our platform has helped clients see PageRank improvements of up to 500% in Google search results.

We Take the Complexity Out of SEO

Navigating endless algorithm updates and optimizing expert content requires advanced SEO skills and it’s time consuming. That’s why we built powerful SEO features right into the ExpertFile platform that automatically optimize your content for search engines. Our team ensures that your site map is being properly indexed and updated. We also ensure proper identifiers such as tags and schema are applied to your content. And we monitor important Google algorithms and updates (such as E-E-A-T and BARD) so you can stay on top of critical SEO opportunities.

Create a strong social presence for your experts.

Easily create, curate and publish social content that connects with all your audiences

Fill Content Gaps with High Performing Expert Content

ExpertFile lets you and others boost the visibility of your content across social networks with built-in sharing features for all our content formats such as profiles, spotlight posts and Q&A content (Expert Answers).

Collaboratively Share Content Across your Networks

Our collaborative tools ensure consistent, on-brand expert content that is perfect for social networks. See the name of the post author for easy reference, and easily create, edit, drafts of content which can help save time. and posts