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Leverage the world’s first expertise marketing platform to quickly deploy content across your channels.

Learn how IT teams use ExpertFile to deploy their Expertise Marketing.

Built with current systems in mind.

While IT specialists and web developers are masters of managing multiple technologies, we wanted to make your job a little bit easier. The ExpertFile Platform is your one-stop-shop for creating, organizing, promoting and integrating expert content across your digital landscape.

Saving you from costly and time-intensive custom development, our award-winning SaaS solution perfectly balances enterprise-level functionality with the flexibility to customize your expert content based on the unique needs of your organization. And with support from our technical team, you’ll be able to deploy expert content within the first 30 days.

Take control of your expertise.

With the ExpertFile REST API, your development team can take full control of your expertise and build truly customized experiences for your audiences. Plus, you’ll get access to all the admin controls, reporting and connection capabilities you’d expect from an enterprise-level software.

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Save time with out-of-the-box features.

The ExpertFile’s Design Lab allows you to save time and avoid costly development when profiling your expert content. This step-by-step tool doesn’t require any coding experience and lets you build customized content within minutes. Try out our demo and see just how easy it is to get started.

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Integrate with your existing technologies.

ExpertFile enables your organization to build on your current infrastructure by seamlessly integrating with third-party technologies. You’ll be able to easily share content from systems like your CMS and CRM to better showcase your people and their insights.

Get support when and where you need it.

Not only do customers love our software but they rave about our support. From the initial setup to on-call tech support for all your questions, ExpertFile’s managed services approach ensures that you don’t have another burden on your customer support plate.

The platform trusted most by developers.

"Winner of the prestigious industry CODiE Award for Best Content Marketing Solution according to the Software Information Industry Association."

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