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When it comes to higher education, the competition is stiff. Your institution is constantly vying for prospective students, top faculty, donors, and media attention – so you need a solution that ensures audiences can see the best you have to offer.

Universities and colleges around the world rely on ExpertFile to showcase their faculty, researchers and leadership teams. Whether you’re a R1 research institution or a small state school, investing in expertise marketing will give you the visibility you need to attract valuable audiences and highlight where your institution excels. And with ExpertFile’s intuitive technology and managed services, you’ll be able to quickly bring all of your expertise online and show your audiences exactly why your institution should be their top choice.

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The ExpertFile Platform delivers a robust set of tools for you to easily create, organize, promote and integrate your expertise. Here are some of the features that will ensure your institution stays top of mind.

Branded Experiences

With the ability to easily customize your content, ExpertFile lets you to stay true to your institution’s brand and deliver consistent messaging across your website and on social media.

Increased Engagement

Start showing your audiences what makes your institution stand out with sharable Spotlight posts that highlight your expertise with interactive assets and link to detailed profiles of your people.

New Opportunities​

Not only will we make your faculty’s expertise more visible to search engines, but we’ll also feature your expert profiles on and in 15,000 newsrooms through our partnership with The Associated Press.

Cross-Department Functionality

Designed with multiple teams in mind, we made it easy for you to manage your expertise across departments with ExpertFile’s intuitive interface, administrative controls, reporting capabilities and collaboration tools.

Easy to Implement

The ExpertFile Platform is a fast and cost-effective way for institutions to bring all of their expertise online. From integrating with your existing systems to delivering ready-made templates, marketing your expertise has never been so simple.

Take advantage of our expertise

Just like you, we want to make sure our customers are on the path to success. In addition to our industry-leading software, we’ll equip you with the strategic, creative and technical tools you need to achieve measurable results and cultivate expertise marketing in your institution for years to come.

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Strategy Development

Our team of expertise marketing specialists will work with you to develop a robust strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of your institution.


Profile Creation

Our team of writers will aggregate your expert content and create outstanding profiles that highlight the expertise in your corporation.


Technical Support

Our technical team will work with you to deploy your expertise marketing program, implement updates and support your in-house teams.


How to market their expertise.

We have extensive experience supporting higher education institutions as they take their first steps into expertise marketing. Regardless of size or location, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in this environment and we have the track record to prove it.

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"We’ve trusted the ExpertFile platform for years to help us share our knowledge with a global audience. And it’s helped us realize millions of dollars in earned media for our academics and their research."

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Baylor University

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