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In today’s competitive market, audiences are looking for businesses with proven expertise in their industry. While many corporations and professional service firms have an abundance of in-house experts, they often lack the tools needed to make their valuable expertise visible.

At ExpertFile, we’ll help you harness your people power and show off your smarts to a broad range of audiences including business partners, customers and media outlets. Using a combination of technology and managed services, we can create an expertise marketing program that not only reinforces your position your company as an industry leader, but also generates leads and opens doors for profitable media engagements.

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The Complete Guide to Expertise Marketing for Associations, Not-for-Profits and Federations.
Discover strategies, benefits and best practices for setting up your own Expertise Marketing program.

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As the world’s first platform for expertise marketing, the ExpertFile Platform is designed to help corporations quickly and easily implement expertise marketing. Here are just a few of the features that will help you create, organize, promote and implement expertise marketing across your business.

Increased Visibility

Not only will we make your company’s expertise more visible across your owned channels, but we’ll also provide a direct line to your experts in over 15,000 newsrooms through our partnership with The Associated Press.

Branded Experiences

The ExpertFile Platform empowers you to create custom assets like expert centers, “About Us” pages, homepage features and expert profiles – ensuring your brand is always front and centre.

Expert Qualified Leads (EQL)

Your organization’s in-house expertise has the power to deliver improvements throughout the buyer journey; lower cost per lead, faster opportunity qualification, higher conversion rates, better insight from buyers, improved internal collaboration and better performing ABM programs. Learn more

Interactive & Sharable Content

ExpertFile’s Spotlights and expert profiles drive better digital conversations by engaging audiences with rich media like video, audio, publications, contact options and social sharing.

Seemless Integration

The ExpertFile Platform seamlessly integrates with CMSs, CRMs and related solutions so you can easily leverage your existing assets and manage your company’s expertise from a single platform.

Quick to Deploy

We know your time and resources are valuable, so we’ve made it easy for even the most complex corporation to get started quickly with our mix of tools, templates and expert advice.

Achieve your objectives with expert support.

It’s one thing to have industry-leading software but it’s even better to get hands-on help from the experts. ExpertFile provides all the strategic, creative and technical services you need to be successful and maintain your expertise marketing program long-term.

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Strategy Development

Our team of expertise marketing specialists will work with you to develop a robust strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of your institution.


Profile Creation

Our team of writers will aggregate your expert content and create outstanding profiles that highlight the expertise in your corporation.


Technical Support

Our technical team will work with you to deploy your expertise marketing program, implement updates and support your in-house teams.


We help companies move the needle

Our proven approach to expertise marketing has helped countless corporations and professional service firms meet their organizational objectives. From generating better quality leads to increasing brand awareness, we have extensive experience delivering expertise marketing programs that drive measurable results.

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