Grow your reputation by sharing expertise.

Establish domain prominence and reinforce your position as an industry leader.

Marketing Communications Strategies for your expertise

Harness the power of your people.

In marketing, the term “expert” is commonly used to describe individuals and teams but today’s audiences want proof of your expertise. At ExpertFile, we help communication teams take a more deliberate approach by harnessing the power of expertise marketing – a new marketing concept focuses on delivering high-quality content from expert sources.

Our combination of leading technologies and managed services will help you to surface your organization’s unique areas of expertise, so you can share it with key audiences like journalists, producers and booking agents. And with our award-winning ExpertFile Platform, managing and growing these relationships has never been so easy.

Increase media exposure.

Media outlets rely on expert insights to bring credibility and engagement to their stories. To help journalists find your people they’ll be included in an expert database accessible to more than 15,000 newsrooms around through our partnerships with media organizations such as The Associated Press and Dejero.

Share better stories with your audiences.

ExpertFile gives you the power to create engaging Spotlight posts that highlight expert insights on the current news cycle, high-profile topics and upcoming events industry. Shareable and mobile-ready, Spotlights elevate the user experience with integrated media snippets like podcasts, videos, articles, Twitter feeds and more.

Connect with event organizers looking for speakers.

Not only does including your experts in our database make it easy for event organizers looking for speakers to find them, but using our content management system (CMS) make your experts easier to find on your site; making it a mini-speakers bureau.

Improve search engine ranking.

Presenting your experts using the Expertfile platform, both on your website and our network has a huge effect on your search engine optimization (SEO). Structured, dynamic, media rich content make it easier for web crawlers to find and index your content and ultimate improve your site’s rank.

Drive brand visibility.

Showcasing your experts turns them into powerful brand ambassadors, improving your brands visibility and your organizations influence.

Make your workflow more efficient.

With robust administrative capabilities, ExpertFile allows you to better capture leads and respond faster valuable inquiries. All inquiries from your expert profile or Spotlight posts can be routed to a specific person or media team who can then manage communications, own the journalist relationship and provide commentary about emerging stories.

Track the success of your communications.

Reveal the value of expertise marketing to your organization with ExpertFile’s real-time dashboard and customizable reports. We monitor core metrics like content contribution, audience engagement and lead generation which will show you exactly how your content is performing against your key performance indicators.

We specialize in promoting expertise.

"ExpertFile not only helped us with their technology but their profile building services, content development and global reach through the AP made this an incredibly valuable resource that aligns with our needs. I used to work in a TV Newsroom as a digital EP and used AP Newsroom all the time for print content, photos and video. I wish the Find an Expert feature had been around then!"

Christine Boynton
Assistant Director Communications, Northeastern University Global Resilience Center