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Show staff, potential candidates and new hires what sets your organization apart.

HR strategies designed to leverage your expertise.

Your organization is built on expertise.

It’s no surprise that HR teams are one of the largest consumers of expert content. After all, you’re looking to attract and recruit the best of the best. With ExpertFile, we’ll not only show you how to find better talent, but we’ll also help you celebrate your culture through expertise marketing.

Our proven approach to this new marketing concept shows off your breadth of expertise, the collective strengths of your teams and most of all, the potential of your organization.

Help your stars shine brighter.

Don’t let your top people fall to the wayside. With centralized management, branding and improved discoverability in search engines, ExpertFile empowers you to publicly recognize your team’s expertise and highlight their recent accomplishments through our one-of-a-kind Spotlight posts.

Attract and recruit better candidates.

ExpertFile equips you with the tools you need to promote your culture and recruit top talent to your organization. Profiling the full breadth of your expertise effectively demonstrates that your organization is committed to innovation and encourages professional growth internally.

Maintain a professional online presence.

As more people are creating websites and social channels to showcase their work, it’s important that their content reflects the professionalism of your organization. ExpertFile allows you aggregate content from various online channels and ensures you’re being fairly represented by your staff.

We’re trusted leaders in expertise marketing.