An Expert Qualified Lead Program (engaging) means increased sales.

Leverage your organization’s in-house expertise. Generate ‘Expert Qualified Leads’ and drive new revenue opportunities.

Expert Qualified Lead (EQL) Program - Create Yours Today!

Help customers choose you

With an ever-eroding level of trust and customers’ continued desire for control, marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are becoming ever more difficult to generate. When it comes to high-consideration purchases, audiences rely on a range of online sources to help them make buying decisions and to better understand your products and services before they reach out to your sales team. At ExpertFile, we help their search lead to your trusted advisors or experts, to become EQLs (Expert Qualified Leads), SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) and ultimately your customers.

By making your experts available for prospect meetings, before they speak with sales, you enhance the conversion process. Our proven approach to expertise marketing and industry-leading software will enable you to engage new audiences and generate new sales leads for your business.

Benefits of an EQL Program

Qualify sale opportunities faster.

Experts with specialized and deeper experience can diagnose technical and business challenges that prospects are experiencing and more quickly build the trust required to make buying decisions.

Lower your cost per lead.

Expert conversations with prospects can generate 400% higher sales conversion rates than other marketing programs. A more organized process to match experts to prospects reduces phone tag and allows sales to maintain momentum.

Generate more "whitespace" account opportunities

Experts have the power to connect with hard to reach prospects who are resistant to more traditional marketing channels. Some programs have shown that 40% of opportunities originating from expert advisor programs are new “whitespace” accounts which were not previously engaged by sales.

Empower your sales team to identify new opportunities

Help your salespeople more proactively match experts to key topics relevant to sales prospects and generate more valuable sales conversations

Let us show you our expertise

We could tell you that we have extensive experience helping organizations generate new business but we’d rather you hear it from our clients.