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Boston, March 8, 2016

ExpertFile Launches New Program to Celebrate International Women’s Day

ExpertFile, a leading content marketing platform and global expert network announced a new series of programs aimed at increasing the profile of outstanding women experts with the media and the conference industry.

Journalists and conference organizers face a daily challenge of discovering a more diverse set of experts on key topics. However, many women experts within organizations are not well promoted by their marketing departments and therefore miss media and event speaking opportunities that help build valuable leadership skills and reputation for their organization.

“While there has been more discussion about the lack of women speaking at conferences and in the media there remains a lot of work to be done,” says Deanne Taenzer, ExpertFile’s VP Partnerships. “As an organization, we are in an ideal position to help elevate the profile of outstanding women who can serve as role models and enrich the conversations we have through media and conferences.”

As part of its goal of celebrating woman experts, ExpertFile announced it is introducing a series of programs that will be introduced this year:

  • Partnering with organizations that are committed to the advancement of women and are interested in helping them reach a broader base of media and conference organizers.
  • Working with current ExpertFile clients to increase the ratio of women experts represented on our global network in corporate and institutional settings.
  • Designing special programs to increase the awareness of women experts as part of an increased focus on diversity.
  • Developing enhanced search tools that provide journalists and conference organizers with easier ways to discover a more diverse set of experts on key topics.
  • Providing new analytics features that help organizations track progress of diversity as a key indicator in their talent management and expert programs.

Throughout International Women’s Day 2016 on March 8, 2016 tune in to ExpertFile on Twitter as we highlight some of the outstanding women on the ExpertFile platform. For more information, visit

Twitter: @expertfile | Hashtag: #IWD2016

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