ExpertFile COVID-19 Search Engine Connects Journalists, Experts


In response to unprecedented demand for expert sources and fact-based insights during the COVID-19 pandemic, ExpertFile has launched the COVID-19 Experts Search Engine, a specialized online resource designed to help newsrooms around the world access reliable experts to speak on a variety of topics related to the coronavirus.

With millions affected worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic, the dangers of misinformation and factual inaccuracy pose a potentially devastating impact on society. As the largest curated, open-access search engine of international expert sources, ExpertFile worked quickly and in close consultation with its members — including healthcare professionals, university academics, NGO’s, corporations, industry associations and journalists — to build the COVID-19 Experts Search Engine.

This centralized online resource provides time-strapped journalists with easy access to experts on the following topics and more:

  • Disease transmission
  • Diagnosis & treatment
  • Prevention & containment
  • Emergency response
  • Mental health & wellness
  • Public safety
  • Healthcare policy & planning
  • The economy
  • Global supply chains
  • Technological innovation
  • Transportation
  • Remote work
  • Travel & entertainment
  • Leadership strategies
  • Communications & crisis management
  • Parenting
  • Age-related issues

“Facts matter more than opinions when real lives are at stake. We understand that journalists need evidence-based information, and they need it quickly,” said Peter Evans, Co-Founder & CEO of ExpertFile. “The COVID-19 Experts Search Engine is our way of supporting global efforts in responding to the spread of the coronavirus.”

This new site is the easiest way for journalists to access qualified subject-matter experts, according to Evans. Built in consultation with media professionals in the United States, Canada and Europe, the ExpertFile search engine gives those in need of experts, like journalists, the ability to quickly find sources according to subject expertise, location, language, or institution.

ExpertFile has already amassed thousands of qualified experts across the globe spanning over 40,000 topics that are actively curated by communications professionals at leading organizations. This has enabled the company to quickly collaborate with its membership to focus squarely on coronavirus and related areas. Each expert profile includes a list of the individual’s credentials, media appearances, research and published work. Interview requests can be made directly via a contact form that appears directly on the expert’s profile.

Qualified experts and communications teams in the ExpertFile community are on “high alert” to provide quick responses to requests from news outlets. Over 50 organizations have already collaborated on this coronavirus initiative, with new experts added daily. ExpertFile has also expanded its internal news team in New York, London, Los Angeles and Toronto to support journalists looking to connect with credible sources.

“The scope of critical issues and regions affected by the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. As an organization dedicated to helping the world’s ageing population, we are mobilizing our experts to be on the front lines with research that advocates for at-risk groups and looking for every chance to get facts in front of the public,” says Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing. “We are relying on initiatives like the COVID-19 Experts Search Engine to help us reach governments and policy-makers through journalists with critical information.”

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact global health, politics, economies and quality of life, ExpertFile will be consistently adding new experts to its COVID-19 Experts Search Engine. Suggestions for qualified experts to add to the search engine can be submitted via the Recommend an Expert page. In addition, ExpertFile will soon add a Chrome extension to allow for expert searches directly from the user’s browser.

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