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Who is using expertise marketing?

If you’re operating in a knowledge-based industry, there’s a good chance your organization has a number of invisible experts on staff. From higher education to professional services firms, organizations around the world are starting to recognize the untapped value of their experts and investing in expertise marketing.  Here is what they had to say about their expertise marketing experience:

Our Customers

At ExpertFile, we work with a diverse range of organizations to create, organize, promote and integrate expertise marketing. While our mission is to support expertise marketing across all industries, we specialize in opening doors for knowledge-based organizations including:

Success Stories

Through our unique approach and robust ExpertFile Platform, we’ve been able to home in on specific objectives and drive incredible results for our clients. It’s stories like these that show us just how powerful expertise can be.

International Data Corporation

IDC is one of the premier technology research and analyst consulting firms with offices worldwide. Looking for a way to profile their expertise on a variety of technology topics, they worked to develop a special section on their website dedicated to perspectives shared by their tech analysts. The marketing team looked to anchor regular commentary meant to coincide with relevant news events that had the potential to create a higher degree of interest in their research.

To promote the work of its analyst team, IDC has regularly featured commentary related to key technology events such as product launches and other industry announcements. They’ve also developed detailed online profiles of their analysts that are searchable by keyword to ensure that audiences, such as journalists and customer prospects, can quickly find their research and connect with them.

This activity is paying off with an increase in web traffic and direct inquiries from customers as well as media. For example, a recent media source request for one of IDC’s analysts resulted in a national newspaper story. The story brought them new sales prospects and ultimately led to a seven-figure research contract.

“Increase in web traffic and direct inquiries from customers as well as media.”

Loyola Marymount University

Based in Los Angeles, LMU is a private university with over 10,000 students studying in areas such as film and television, business and education. Given the importance of its website, the LMU team focused on faculty as a means of building a stronger first impression for prospective students, alumni and potential faculty hires. The varied appearance and content represented by its seven schools created an inconsistent look across the website. Upkeep for digital and IT was also a major challenge. With thousands of pages in the LMU website and hundreds of those with some degree of faculty representation, it was nearly impossible to keep information up-to-date and relevant.

From digital asset management systems to integration with their new CMS, the agency LMU selected carefully considered the available technologies and developed a comprehensive plan to create a stronger presence for faculty. The plan included developing more detailed biographies, adding more visual content, and helping faculty understand the personal benefits for them in posting content to the new system. They also provided a managed service with on-call resources that respond to any training and technical requests from faculty or staff to create momentum and buy-in.

The result was a more professional, consistent and usable platform that is generating impressive results. Faculty content is well-structured with better keywords and the addition of multimedia has substantially boosted LMU’s organic search results. The university has received over 3,000 direct inquiries from graduate student prospects, media, conference organizers and research funding agencies – all boosted by faculty content. LMU has secured coverage in notable outlets such as CBS News, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC News, Fast Company, Al Jazeera and Telemundo. Following their web launch, LMU won the Best University/School Website in the 20th annual Webby Awards (hailed as the “Oscars® of the Internet” by The New York Times).

“Over 3,000 direct inquiries from graduate student prospects, media, conference organizers and research funding agencies – all boosted by faculty content.”

International Federation on Ageing

The International Federation of Ageing (IFA) wanted to boost its visibility as a leading Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on positively changing age-related policies that improve the lives of our ageing population. Working in partnership with government, NGO, industry, academia and other agencies such as the World Health Organization, the IFA launched its online expert directory to serve as a key point of connection while focusing on breaking news from featured experts as prime resources on ageing-related topics.

The IFA sees experts as a critical element to build internal collaborations, as well as conversations with media and prospective attendees for their various conferences. To promote its experts, the IFA developed a series of regular media “Spotlights” that focused on breaking news and developing stories related to ageing.

IFA executives and their experts are now in high demand. The number of speaking inquiries and media requests from around the world continues to increase as more journalists and conference organizers find indexed content on Google then link to well-organized information on the IFA website. Site traffic has massively increased and so have the leads generated. Media source requests for experts have increased by 75% while speaking requests have increased by 50%. The IFA website is also now ranked much higher on key ageing-related topics in search engines while member recruitment has also increased by 10%. All of this activity has had a major impact on new program revenues which are up 80% due to increased activity and value delivered to sponsors and members.

“Media source requests for experts have increased by 75% while speaking requests have increased by 50%.”