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Deliver timely expert insights to your key audiences.

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A powerful tool to showcase your expertise.

ExpertFile Spotlights is a powerful free content publishing solution that is integrated into the ExpertFile platform. Easily highlight timely and relevant content like your organization’s insights on current news or trending topics with shareable posts that connect back to your experts. Interactive and mobile-ready, Spotlights let you quickly deliver expert content to your audiences on any device at any time.

Spotlights in Action


Get your expertise noticed.

Drive inquiries by proactively engaging your audiences when and where they want.

Add Spotlights directly to your website.

With ExpertFile’s Design Lab place Spotlights across important areas of your website, from your homepage the newsrooms – all without the need for IT.

Share Spotlights through social media.

Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all great places to distribute your Spotlight to capture the attention of your key audiences.

Pitch your expertise directly to media.

Send your Spotlights to your local media contacts and email distribution lists. Help makes journalists’ job easier by giving them a story with an expert who’s qualified and ready to talk.

Direct access to newsrooms.

Spotlights are automatically distributed into over 15,000 newsrooms with your expert profiles through partnerships with the
Associated Press and Dejero.

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