Tap into expertise across your organization to deliver more engaging answer-based content with ExpertAnswers – the fastest way to create engaging Q&A type content with your experts.

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Q&A Content is Powerful

Your audience has questions.  Your experts have the answers. Question and answer type content is a proven way to engage audiences.  That’s why we’ve launched ExpertAnswers – the fastest way to create engaging Q&A type content with your experts while leveraging other important content elements of the ExpertFile platform you use today.

Create NEW engaging content.

Quickly build engaging question and answer formats complete with multimedia and social integrations that can be quickly published across your website.

Transform legacy content.

Fill in content gaps on your website by transforming the legacy content you’ve already created from past articles and blog posts into more searchable question and answer formats.

Improve your SEO.

Answer-based content is proven to boost SEO PageRank and domain authority.  ExpertAnswers uses proper Q&A Schema structure relied upon by Google.

Extend your reach.

From seamless social sharing to organic SEO, we provide a robust set of tools for broadcasting your expertise across the internet and into niche platforms, media directories and social networks. And through our partnerships the Associated Press (AP) and Dejero, we’ll put your content directly in newsrooms around the world so journalists can easily find your experts.

Take control of your content.

Combining robust administrative controls with an intuitive interface, ExpertFile makes it easy to build, publish and measure all your new questions and answers with all your expert content.  

We’re trusted leaders in expertise marketing.

We believe the ExpertFile Platform is paving the way for a new era of content marketing. But just don’t take it from us – here’s what industry professionals and organizations have to say about ExpertFile.