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With content is being published at an unprecedented rate, it’s essential for your newsrooms to stand out and the best way to do this is with expert content. At ExpertFile, we support the journalism community by providing a direct connection between knowledge-based organizations and newsrooms. Through our award-winning platform and partnership with the Associated Press we allow journalists, media outlets and broadcasters to not only elevate their stories with expert insights, but also deliver an added layer of credibility to their audiences.

“ExpertFile is home to a curated network of experts who are ready to share their insights on over 30,000 unique topics.”

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ExpertFile gives you the power to conduct searches on just about any subject or term and instantly review a list of curated experts with detailed and relevant content. In fact, our comprehensive expert database is home to experts from leading universities, institutions, think tanks, associations, corporations and more.

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We’ve partnered with The Associated Press and Dejero to deliver expert profiles right to the newsroom through exclusive integrations with key tools like AP Newsroom and AP Planner. 

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The ExpertFile platform connects you directly with an expert or communications team about your engagement and ensures you never reach a dead end. As members of the ExpertFile community, these sources know that time is of the essence and will be sure to quickly get you the answers you need.