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Built with the journalist in mind.

Efficient newsrooms need sources that are qualified, reliable and engaging, and they need them fast. In a highly competitive and time-strapped field, ExpertFile is a direct connection between knowledge-based organizations with leading expertise and the newsrooms that rely on them.

“ExpertFile is home to a curated network of experts who are ready to share their insights on over 40,000 unique topics.”

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Built with the Journalist in mind.

ExpertFile creates a seamless path from verified subject matter experts to those who need their expertise.

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Search expert profiles by topic, location, or asset (videos, publications, photos or documents) and make interview requests directly through the expert profile, no sign-up necessary.

Always Relevant.

Experts are vetted and added daily to keep up with evolving headlines.

Credibility First

Expert qualifications, including published work and previous media hits, are clearly displayed in their profile.

Professional Curation

Promoted experts are carefully curated by media readiness, subject relevance, and level of expertise.

Free to Use

ExpertFile is funded by reputable organizations like universities, hospitals, and research organizations with experts to promote, meaning it’s free for public access.

Fast Response

When inquiries come through ExpertFile, the request goes to multiple recipients, often including Communications teams, to ensure they’re quickly acted upon.

“Need a source for your next story? 
This platform puts experts on speed dial.”

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