Dr Amanda Hall

Lecturer, Audiology · Aston University

Dr Hall's research focuses on the causes and impact of hearing loss in children, at both the individual and the population level.

Audiology Shared Decision Making Audiology Health Services Research Causes and Impact of Childhood Hearing Loss Longitudinal Cohort Studies

Matt Weeg

Associate Professor of Biology · Southern Utah University

Specializing in neuroethology, brain behavior, and neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Human Pathophysiology Fish Audiology Communication & Behaviour Audition

Bonnie Gross

President · SpeechScience International Inc.

Power and Leadership Through Voice

Beth Mineo

Associate Professor, Education; Director, Center for Disabilities Studies · University of Delaware

Prof. Mineo's Research focuses on autism and other communication disorders, particularly language disorders.

Assistive Technology Development Accessible Instructional Materials Speech and Language Pathology Communication Difficulties

Johanna Price

Associate Professor · Western Carolina University

Child Language Development Preschool Language Disorders The Clinical Process Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Supervision

Kevin Bailey, PT, MBA

Director of Rehabilitation Services · ChristianaCare

Kevin Bailey, PT, MBA, is the director of Rehabilitation Services.

Healthcare Administration Healthcare Finance Rehabilitation Operations Ambulatory Operations Rehab Professions (PT-OT-Speech)