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Collision 2019 Keynote: How to Drive Reputation and Revenue with Expertise Marketing

Co-Founder and CEO Peter Evans shares how organizations can better engage their internal experts to competitively differentiate their brand and drive new revenues.

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By answering just a few simple questions you can better understand the revenue potential of generating 'Expert Qualified Leads' with your own Trusted Advisor Program (TAP).

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Mobilize the hidden people, knowledge and content you already have at your fingertips.  Choose from one of our comprehensive industry focussed guides to building your own successful Expertise Marketing program.


Insightful articles on the power of expert content and showcasing your expertise.

Properly executed, expertise marketing is about harnessing your in-house expertise and making it more visible. Learn the key steps to getting started.

People today expect a more authentic, reliable and practical experience when getting to know your organization.

Better understand how to assess expertise and the different roles experts can play in your expertise marketing program.

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Downloadable best practices for building, displaying & leveraging your expertise.

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Access our library of webinars on a variety of topics that impact organizations looking to better profile their expertise.

Learn the revenue potential of launching your own Trusted Advisor Program and start generating Expert Qualified Leads for your organization.

Learn how Baylor’s investment in experts is paying off allowing their Media Communications team’s to generate over $11 Million in earned media results in the past 3 years.  

Learn from The Associated Press and ExpertFile’s Peter Evans as they introduce new online applications journalists are using to efficiently identify future events and expert sources.

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