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The world's first expertise marketing platform.

Create engaging online experiences that showcase your organization’s talented people.

Create an experience that’s all yours.

When audiences come looking for your expertise, your brand should be the star of the show. The ExpertFile Platform gives you the freedom you need to create custom expertise marketing assets and deliver a branded experience to your audiences from the layout and design right down to the specific features you need to showcase your experts.

Branded Experiences

With the ExpertFile Platform, you’ll be able to create and publish a wide range of branded assets including enhanced expert profiles, “About Us” pages, homepage features, newsrooms and directories with advanced search.

Spotlight Posts

Our one-of-kind Spotlight feature allows you to design dynamic content for press releases, announcements and emerging news complete with video integration and social sharing.

Expert Answers

Deliver insights through expert curated Q&A.  Build relevance with your audience by answering those questions most important to your industry.

Interactive Content

In just a few clicks, you can bring all of your expert content to life and deliver a richer user experience with video, slides and publications embedded directly from YouTube™, SlideShare™, Amazon™ Books and more.

Organize your people and their content.

You might be thinking to yourself, “We have expert content… somewhere.” Many of our clients have expert content but it’s either scattered across the internet or worse, buried in local files. While organizing your expertise may seem daunting, the ExpertFile Platform makes managing expertise marketing easy.

Centralized Platform

The powerful ExpertFile Platform empowers you to aggregate your assets, manage your content and collaborate with your colleagues – all in one central location.

Workflow Management

Because timely, relevant content is essential to your success, we’ve also built in a set of robust workflow tools to help you stay on top of things. From assigning individuals to tasks to receiving alerts for time-sensitive requests, our intuitive interface ensures you never miss an opportunity to shine.

Dashboards & Reports

Most importantly, the ExpertFile dashboard helps you quickly gauge the effectiveness of content and track which assets are driving conversations with audiences – delivering measurable value to your business.

Promote your people to the world.

From prospects, business partners to journalists and new hires, people want to know where you excel and how to connect with your experts. To help you spread the word, the ExpertFile Platform comes stocked with all the tools you need to promote your expertise on your website, in search results, through social media and directly with audiences.

Social Sharing

Whether it’s an expert profile or Spotlight, the content you create through ExpertFile is meant to be shared through leading social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our approach to expertise marketing allows you home in on keywords and leverage rich snippets that support stronger rankings on leading search engines like Google.

Media Partnerships

ExpertFile powers the “Find Sources” search engine which is integrated into the Associated Press Newsroom – the leading industry software platform trusted by thousands of journalists reaching over 15,000 newsrooms worldwide.

Integrate expertise into your marketing stack.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re really into making things easy – and connecting ExpertFile shouldn’t be any different. To help you stay focused on delivering the best possible expert content, we built the ExpertFile Platform to get you up and running as quickly as possible. And because it’s a SaaS solution, we’ll make sure you’re equipped with the latest updates and features.

The ExpertFile Design Lab

In just a few clicks, the ExpertFile Design Lab shows you how to create custom integrations using embeds – no heavy lifting or IT support required.

Full control with our API

If you’re looking for complete customization, the ExpertFile API not only gives you control over how and where you display your expert content, but also allows you to easily connect with existing tools in your marketing stack such as your CRM or CMS.

Advanced Functionality

On top of seamless integration, the ExpertFile platform also comes stocked features like password protection for internal content, single sign-on (SSO), and integrated media snippets.

We’re trusted leaders in expertise marketing.

We believe the ExpertFile Platform is paving the way for a new era of content marketing. But just don’t take it from us – here’s what industry professionals and organizations have to say about ExpertFile.