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As the World Watches - All Eyes Are on France’s Upcoming Election

As the World Watches - All Eyes Are on France’s Upcoming Election 2017-05-04
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Jonathan Olsen, Ph.D.

On Sunday morning the world will watch as France goes to the polls to elect its next president. Usually elections in Europe aren’t really worthy of too much international attention and focus – but these are unusual times. Brexit has suddenly made a lot more people pay attention. Populism is gaining a lot of strength these days as voters are starting to push back against stalling economies, rising prices and faltering employment. Combine that with globalization and changing populations due to incoming refugees and migrating European populations – fringe parties and opinions that were once dismissed as extremist have now suddenly normalized.

In France, at stake in Sunday’s election may be the country’s future in the European Union, the country’s approach to foreign policy, terrorism and even climate change. Polls show the ultra-right Marie Le Pen as being up to 20 points behind the centrist and expected winner Emmanuel Marcon. But if there has been one lesson from the referendum in Britain and the most recent election in America – polls shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So, what can we expect from Sunday’s election? Will it be closer than expected? Will the outcome impact America and what will it nationally and globally if either candidate wins?

That’s where the experts from Texas Woman’s University can help.

Jonathan Olsen is Professor of Government and Chair of the Department of History and Government at Texas Woman's University. He is an acclaimed author, a Ph.D., and an expert in subjects such as European-U.S. relations, extremism, radicalism, political parties and government in the European Union. He has appeared in the Washington Post speaking about politics and is available to speak with media regarding this upcoming election in France. Simply click on Jon’s icon to arrange an interview.


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